Chic by Accident, Emmanuel Picault

This book has been made for Chic By Accident's (Mexico City) tenth anniversary

Chic By Accident is Emmanuel Picault

Emmanuel Picault is an antiques dealer / designer / student in architecture

He learns architecture with and through Ludwid Godefroy, architect

all pictures are copyrighted Marie Taillefer the layout and graphism is made by Ich & Kar, Paris concept by Emmanuel Picault & Marie Taillefer printing Fogra, Mexico

a very special thank to Emmanuel Picault & Ich & Kar

Ludwig Godefroy, Barnabé Fillion, Perla Valtierra, Thomas Koenig, Renate Gallois Montbrun, Guillaume Fabiani, Catherine Taillefer, Jose luis Madrigal, Florent Ruppert, Romain Flizot, Christian Louboutin, Enrique Gonzalez, Francisco Trevino, Gloria Cortina, Laurence Vincent Thimothé et Sebastien Picault, Lorenzo San Juan, Hector Galvan, Charles Nedelec, Jan Mot, Marco Margain, Helena Chiara Matta et Piotr Ich & Kar, Alfredo, Erwan Fichou, dominique Isserman, Anne Rohart, Emmanuel Barrault, Delphine Passot, Arnaud Zein El Din, Shane Powers, Addys Gonzales...

and all the Chic By Accident team : Aaron, Pepe, Laïla, Suzy, Ludwig, Carlos and Robe.

I am very lucky to love you.

2011, Mexico City